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A.L.P.S. Investigates with Solano County Paranormal in Sebastopol, CA

By Scott Wolf

Scott Wolf
Faye Navarro
Roxi Rodriguez
Jennifer Furgerson

When our team gets a call to investigate with another team we jump at the chance. We always enjoy being able to see how other teams run their investigations. It is a great learning opportunity for all of us. It doesn't matter how long you have been investigating, you always have something to learn.

When we were contacted by Solano County Paranormal to help out with a case they had in Sebastopol, CA we were very excited to help out and be able to work with their team. As it turned out, it was well worth the trip!

We arrived at the property to find a fairly large amount of land with several buildings, a house, horse corals, and wooded areas. It was very beautiful!

We all met up and Scott, Beth, and Melissa, of Solano County Paranormal, took us on a tour of the property, buildings, and the places where activity takes place. Next we came up with a game plan of how we could split up and cover all the major areas.

I chose to be one of the five that started in the house. I set myself up at the kitchen table which allowed me full view of the kitchen and a portion of the living room.
After about five minutes of sitting quietly, trying to get used to the normal sounds of the house, I began to smell a very strong odor of pipe tobacco. I looked around the area to see if there was anything nearby that could be giving off that odor. There was nothing. The smell quickly disappeared.  While I was at the table I would smell it several other times only to have it quickly vanish.

After about 30 minutes I moved into the living room where Scott was trying to capture some video. I sat with my back to an open window and once again I smelled the pipe tobacco. There was no way it was drifting in from outside.

As we sat in the living room we began to hear footsteps coming from the kitchen. It was so loud that I thought that someone was coming up the stairs, outside, that led to a deck near the kitchen door. We heard the footsteps several times during our time in the living room but, we were unable to come up with a logical conclusion as to what was causing it.

Later in the evening Jennifer and Melissa came down from upstairs and joined me in the living room. All three of us smelled the pipe tobacco throughout our time.
I had an opportunity to speak with the home owner later on in the night. I asked him if by chance he smoked a pipe and he told me he did not. He also mentioned that he had never had any experiences where he smelled it.

After about an hour we decided to move people around. Scott and I went down to one of the barns where a little girl had been seen. We set-up and started an EVP session to try and communicate with the little girl. 

Shortly after we started, one of the home owners came down to talk to us to see how things were going. We talked for about 5 minutes and went back to our EVP session.
What happened next I still can’t explain! As we sat there we began to hear footsteps on the gravel road just outside the barn. The footsteps started getting louder and louder as if someone was walking up to the door. Since there were no lights outside the barn, we wouldn’t see anyone coming until they appeared in the doorway. The footsteps stopped and no one appeared in the doorway.

Scott and I quickly ran outside and scanned the area. There was no one anywhere near us! What an amazing experience! We had no way to explain what was making the footsteps since there was no one around and no way anyone could have walked by without us being to see them when we ran outside.

Faye, Roxi, and I decided to head down to the edge of the property near a wooded area. Earlier in the night Roxi was filming in that area and she felt like someone had walked up behind her even though no one was there. Faye also had an experience in that area earlier as well.

Faye was near a wooded area when she started hearing something splashing around in the water. She later found out that there was a stream that ran through the property in that area but, there was no water in the stream. It was completely dried up!

This investigation did not disappoint any of us. It was a great experience and we are very thankful that Solano County Paranormal contacted us and asked us to help out. They are a great team and we are looking forward to working with them again in the future!


Please click the link below. You will be re-directed to SoundCloud. The following EVPs were captured by Faye and Jennifer during our investigation.

 Sebastopol, Ca Investigation EVPs

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  1. Thanks for coming to help on such short was a great investigation and we enjoyed working with you guys !