Friday, December 27, 2013

Meet Scott Wolf

By Jennifer Furgerson
Meet our Senior Investigator of
Angels of Light Paranormal Society

Scott Wolf

How long have you been interested in the Paranormal?
 About 9 years

Have you had personal experiences? How many? Which is the most memorable? Why?
Too many personal experiences to count. The most memorable was when I was investigating the Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings, NV. We were sitting at the bar and all of the sudden something hit me upside the head. I had been waiting for that kind of personal experience for a long time. It was very exciting to know that I had real interaction with a spirit.

What made you seek out a Paranormal Investigation team?
I wanted to work with experienced people who could teach me everything when I first got started. The thought of being a part of a team and being able to help people was very exciting.

How long have you been with ALPS?
One and a half years.

Scott working with A.L.P.S helping with restorations.

How do you think an investigator should behave, and work?
An investigator should have the highest degree of integrity and compassion, at all times. Clients put a lot of trust in us by letting us come into their homes. An investigator should also always continue to learn and make themselves a better investigator. I also believe that an investigator must be a good team member. They must respect their team mates and always be willing to work together.

When not investigating, what do you do in the off time? Work? Other hobbies?
I am currently employed as a security analyst. I love outdoor activities to include camping, hiking, and sports. I love to travel and explore new places. I have also developed a love of history from being an investigator. I love music and play the drums.

If you could investigate anywhere in the world where would go?

While I was in the military I was sent to England for 6 months. We took a trip to a place called Warwick Castle. This was before my interest in the paranormal and it was one of the things that started my interest. As soon as I stepped on the grounds I started feeling dizzy and naseauss. It didn’t stop until we stepped off the grounds. I know that castle had to be haunted and I would love to go back and investigate.
Warwick Castle

Of all the places you have investigated (historically) which one would you like to return and investigate further?
I was able to spend a couple of hours investigating the in St. Augustine Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida. The lighthouse and the lightkeeper’s house were amazing! They had such a cool vibe to them. I was able to capture some really solid evidence in the short time I was there. I would love to be able to go back for a full investigation and see what evidence I could capture.
St. Augustine's Lighthouse
Keeper's House at St. Augustine's Lighthouse

When on a case, do you spiritual beliefs come into play? If so, does this effect how you handle the investigation?
In my years of investigating I have come to the conclusion that there definitely is a spiritual component, with the living and non-living. I always want to make sure I am protected while on cases. I feel my spiritual beliefs help protect me while on cases. I have always felt that at any moment paranormal investigators could be on the front lines of the spiritual battlefield. I don’t feel that this changes the way I handle an investigation.

You have been on another team or still belong to another team, has those experiences help you in anyway with the current team you are on?
Scott with Vegas Valley Paranormal

My experiences while on my last team have made me a better investigator and team member. I learned so much from the others that I worked with and experiences I had during investigations. The things we did on my last team worked so well that I have been able to bring those ideas to this team.

What is the hardest thing you have found being a paranormal investigator?
My spouse is supportive of what I do but sometimes it is difficult to get her to understand exactly why I am so passionate about being a paranormal investigator. There can be weeks where there is nothing going on and then one weekend I can be gone almost all weekend. Sometimes it is difficult to juggle but it has seemed to work out so far.

What are you long term goals being part of the ALPS team? Short term?
Long term, I would like to help to get the team more involved with the local community. I have a lot of ideas about how we can do more. Our main focus is investigations so that kind of thing sometimes has to take a back seat.

Mary Aaron Museum Marysville, October 2013

Short term, I would like to help get our team membership up to levels where we always have enough people to investigate and take on more projects.
What is it that you do for the team?
I am the co-lead investigator. I assist Anna with running the team, assist with the tech side of the house, run investigations, and anything else that needs to be done on the team to make it run smooth.
The National Exchange Hotel, Room 78
We are a paranormal research group based out of Marysville, Ca. We are here to help our community & surrounding areas through paranormal research. We strive to help people who are either curious, or in distress due to unexplainable events in their homes or businesses. We use a "believing-skeptical" approach to prove or disprove paranormal activity. Our services are always free of charge! Aside from what we do at home, we are also hoping to help educate the paranormal community and the general community about common misconceptions about the paranormal, and easily explainable phenomena often mistaken for paranormal acitivity.

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