Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When a Spirit Speaks Your Name

By Scott Wolf

I have had many crazy experiences in the years I have been investigating. I have seen and heard things that I have never been able to explain. I have captured audio that gave me the chills, and sometimes freaked me out a little. 

Occasionally I recorded an EVP that captivated me. It made me want to find more answers for the client and the spirit that allowed me the privilege of capturing their voice from beyond. The answers were rarely available. 

Spirits don’t speak on command. They don’t always communicate in ways that we understand. They don’t carry on a conversation or always answer questions. It’s one of the many things about the paranormal that as investigators, we simply don’t understand. I am not sure we ever will. 

I have been on investigations where I captured a spirit, on audio, speak the name of one of my fellow investigators. I always wondered how that person felt when they heard their name. I always thought it must be a little unnerving to hear.
I always wondered why a spirit would have such a connection with one of us that they would feel the need to connect on such a personal level. Did they have a message for us? Were they trying to tell us something? 

Shortly after I joined A.L.P.S we went out to one of our first investigations, a residential. There was an orchard located right next to the property and there had been reports of activity in the orchard. Feeling that the close proximity of the orchard could possibly be causing issues with the property, we decided to send investigators into the orchard throughout the night.

Later in the night, Anna and I decided to move out to the orchard. I brought my new camcorder with me so I could record our experience. I was excited about being able to capture something paranormal on video.

As we walked around the orchard, in complete darkness, Anna saw something moving ahead of us. I heard her comment on what she saw, but I was too busy trying to change my mini-DVD that had just run out. I didn’t realize that she had moved on ahead of me.

As I fumbled with my camcorder, in the dark, I lost track of where Anna was. I remember wondering where she was as I made my way through the orchard. I eventually met up with her.

I went home and listened to the audio from my digital recorder. When I came to our time in the orchard I captured some audio that really shocked me. As I was wondering where Anna was in the orchard, I captured a female voice clearly say, “she’s up ahead Scott.” The voice had a pronounced accent. It was a “class A” EVP, which is the best quality you can capture. 

I let Anna listen to the EVP. We were both amazed at the quality and intelligence of what we captured. It had us both a little puzzled, but like most evidence we couldn’t explain it.

We moved on to our next residential investigation. During the course of the night I captured a female voice, with a heavy accent say, “Scott.” I was stunned! It was the same female from the orchard. Anna even listened and confirmed it.
Our next residential investigation none of our investigators captured an EVP, except for me. As Anna was speaking, I captured the same woman, again, say my name.

Our next investigation was The National Hotel. It was, as we call it, a “fun” investigation. We had no client. We were only there to see what we could find because the hotel intrigued all of us with its age and incredible history. My female friend never showed up.

I started to see a pattern. She always showed up during residential investigations, but she never showed up during our business or “fun” investigations. I would even try to get her to communicate with me during EVP sessions and she never came through. 

The more I heard her speak my name the more I wondered why she was following me from investigation to investigation. who was she? Had I somehow known her? Was she trying to tell me something? 

In the end I decided not to dwell on it. Maybe it was better not to know. Maybe we aren’t meant to know what it means when a spirit speaks your name.


  1. That was a very interesting story. There are really many unexplainable things that happen day to day.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Christopher!