Monday, June 26, 2017

Give Me A Ring Once You Have Expired....

By JEBradstreet
We have all gotten calls from unfamiliar numbers.  Most of us refuse these intrusions and hope that a voicemail reveals the source.  But since long before the days of caller ID and messaging, there are stories of people who answered rings that changed their lives (and their beliefs) forever.
There have been reports of electronic contact from the dead that range from e-mail to pagers, etc. But personal phone calls seem to be predominant in this communication, as if the primary way of expressing ourselves has always come in the preferred form to get a point across- our voice.

Phone calls from the other side are not an uncommon tale. 
Many of these reports reveal a distant rattle of static on the other end. Other times, music from a different era is played in their ear from a disconnected line- like stories from the Santa Fe Union Station in Galveston, Texas.  Yet, on several occasions voices of loved ones that sound distraught or comforting have had a last message that left the living confused and unaware.
The calls usually come from a relative who had very close relationships with the recipient.  They often have an important message to convey, but other incidences have no message at all. It just seems like another small talk session.
It is not long after the conversation that another phone call is answered– a call from the living to tell them about the death of the very person with whom they just held the conversation.

Other reported calls from the dead come on the date of a birthday, holiday, or anniversary. Sometimes it is a lengthily time after the person has passed away.
Imagine those which were never reported.  The otherworldly exchanges that took place on mobile devices, rotary dials, and probably as far back as the crank phone. One incident was even reported to come from a toy phone, long before an episode titled “Long Distance Call” aired on ‘The Twilight Zone’ television series.
Even author Dean Koontz said that he received a jingle on his unlisted number. The voice sounded like his deceased mother warning him to be careful.  Not long after, an altercation with his deranged father and police nearly costed him his life.
A more recent and strange event is the case of Charles Peck who managed to make 35 calls to several loved ones, even though he had died on impact in a Metrolink train crash, and his phone was not found anywhere near his body.
Actor Johnny Depp recalled a voicemail that was left by the creator of Gonzo Journalism, Hunter S. Thompson. In a hurry to meet his hectic schedule, Depp deleted the message only to find out that Thompson would soon commit suicide. He said that he will always regret not giving it a listen.

There is a message of our own to gain from this for those of us who are still among the living. That being, we should try our best to never avoid a call, to never take a voicemail for granted, and to make as much time as we can to hear the voices of people we care for, no matter how inconvenient it may seem at the time. You never know when it will be the last talk.
More importantly, if there is a call of your own you want to make- to a person you have been out of touch with, to anyone whose memory has been aching you to make contact, or just to someone you want to remind that you love them... now is the time to make that call.

If you have ever been the recipient of a phone call or messages from the afterlife, please fill us in. Your story may be relatable to someone who is suffering the result of this strange happening, and it just may touch the heart of someone who needs it....

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