Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Odd Silence

By JEBradstreet
There was a strange silence at the Miner’s Cabin.
        The Gold Hill nights were cold, but the stars exposed themselves in spirit.  I watched the moon have a strange eclipse then vanish behind the horizon.
         Inside the cabin, the Angels kept it warm.  November cold drafts made their way in, but their source was always questionable.  The T.V. played Ghost Adventures.  It turned off when time to communicate, of course  :)

        You might have heard of the Miner’s Cabin on the premises of the Gold Hill Hotel.  It’s a saloon, too.  Rumored to be near the bodies (and souls) of men who perished in flames of a nearby mine.
A woman guided me through the hotel itself, years ago.  She let me have keys and pointed the way to some of the haunted rooms.  A property caretaker told me that the wooden side of the building was added in the 80's, but the stone section is the original hotel/ crash spot/ area for bizarre happenings.

The bartender spoke of plenty strangeness, some stories even happening on this staircase.  I believe there are other photos the very same, only with strange anomalies.

        The night was not kind on temperature.
Jen, Faye, myself– the three of us stood outside, a recorder on the table that sat under the ruins of an old elevator shaft.


        My focus pulled me to a place off in the dark.  An odd feeling coming from there, where most tense darkness hid.  Humans who are in tune can often feel watchful energy.
        Jen pointed and said, “Over there.  To the left.”
        A presence we both felt in the shadows.  I was surprised she verbally expressed what I started feeling just a moment before.  But we heard no voices, and we received no definite signals.  November drove us back inside.

        During a session when we asked questions and walked back and forth through the cabin I was nervous to be the only person to come face to face with something.  My main fear being that I would have to tell the tale with no witnesses.  But I walked back and forth through the cabin, a short route from the living room to the back bedroom.
It was almost a relief to not see an apparition.  And I thought we were ever so alone those nights.
But time always tells, and there is no denying the EVPs calling Faye’s name.  (Or did they say “Hey”?)  And it certainly sounds like someone addressing me by name in one audio clip that Faye sent my way.
I was provided food to eat, and a spot to sleep.    But most of all, good company.  There was silence at the Miner’s Cabin.  Or so I thought.  Either way, it was a ghostly one.


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