Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet Faye Navarro

By Jennifer Furgerson

Meet Investigator and
Case Manager

Faye Navarro

Murphys Hotel in Murphys, CA

 How long have you been interested in the Paranormal?

I have been interested in the paranormal my whole life. I have been blessed to live with my grandparents and have my grandmother be interested and learning things along paranormal, etc. So it was great being able to have a great discussion about the subject without holding back.

Camptonville Cemetery

Have you had personal experiences? How many? Which is the most memorable? Why?

I have had a few personal experiences while growing up. Some which as being young just wasn’t sure but at least I had my grandmother to talk to help me understand the situations better. I have had experiences while I sleep not in such a way that I have read about dream paralysis but still interesting to say the least. I had heard a man tell me to get out of house when I got home and was bringing in groceries. It did frighten me I knew there was no one there my husband had gotten home shortly after, I had him search the house to verify that no one was there. So far my most memorable experience was while on a case and had two other team members with me at the time where I was touch on my left shoulder there was no explication for what I had experienced. I was standing almost in the middle of the room so no way to bump into anything. It was like someone walking behind you when you are into a conversation and don’t want to interrupted you, they touch you so that you don’t step back and trip over them. Everyone can relate to that feel on them. That’s what I felt it was interesting and I felt lucky to experience that.

inside Murphys Hotel in Murphys, CA

What made you seek out a Paranormal Investigation team?
I have always wanted to be part of a team but never realized that it was possible until one day just thought I would see if there was something on Craig’s List. At first I saw information about another team but didn’t respond they were looking for a tech person with certain skills which I knew I didn’t have but I wanted to ask questions but didn’t. I kept talking about it with my husband it was driving me crazy knowing that there was a team close by that I could talk to possibly. He told me to contact them the worse that could happen was that they wouldn’t reply. So I looked and there was ALPS looking for new team members I didn’t hesitate to reply. I wanted so much to be part of a team that helps others and that is looking for proof of something more. I figure I had a lot to offer and hoped that I would be given a chance to prove it. Well, here I am part of a great team.

investigating a undisclosed location

How long have you been with ALPS?

I have been with the team for about a year now. It doesn’t feel like it at all. It really has been fun and a great learning experience to be with the team.

Folsom Lake

How do you think an investigator should behave, and work? 

Believe it or not it is still a job and should be treated as much. We deal with the public and it’s a touchy subject. It takes some people some time to look up for help and the last thing they need is a circus act. We love our job and enjoy helping others, we take pride in our work. We go in there with professionalism, respect, and kindness. This line of work isn’t looked upon kindly by everyone and we take it seriously.

Faye meeting Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters for the first time. Aboard the USS Hornet

When not investigating, what do you do in the off time? Work? Other hobbies?

I work in manufacturing 4 days a week. I spend time with my family. I love sports either playing or watching. I have coached basketball and hope to get that opportunity again this year. When I have other spare time I’m always researching ideas for the team. I’m pretty crafty and frugal so trying to use that towards our team.

Investigating the USS Hornet

If you could investigate anywhere in the world where would go?

I’m pretty much open to anything if time and money wasn’t a factor I would go anywhere.

Stone House in Nevada City, CA

Of all the places you have investigated (historically) which one would you like to return and investigate further?

I would visit places again and again. There is always something new to learn. The one place right now I would like to go is The National Hotel in Nevada City Ca. The team had went before and had some great experiences I was not able to join them. We do hope to go again soon and I will be there to see what other experiences we may encounter. Myself and a few others went for a tour at Preston Castle I know for sure I would like to do a full on investigation there. The history of the place is interesting and the building even with areas falling apart is still beautiful.

Preston Castle

inside Preston Castle in Ione, CA

National Exchange Hotel

When on a case, do you spiritual beliefs come into play? If so, does this effect how you handle the investigation?

I’m open minded and guess I’m spiritual and know that we do what we can to protect ourselves while helping others. We never know for sure what is in store for us but try and be prepared for what lies ahead. I go into a case with a focus of helping the client.

Mary Aaron Museum

 What is the hardest thing you have found being a paranormal investigator?

I love being an investigator the only thing hard I think is not the job we do but finding the funds to be able to do more and go further. If needed we do make it happen but to not have to worry so much would be great.


What are you long term goals being part of the ALPS team? Short term?

I’m hoping to be with the team for a long time. I hope to continue to grow and be helpful in any way for the team. I feel there is always something to learn from them.

Nevada City, CA

What is it that you do for the team?

I’m the Case Manager. It’s been new position for me, a very important role. I feel very honored for them choosing me for this position. I’m usually the first person the client talks to when they are looking for help. I’m there to listen and set up appointments to help them. (also the teams queen of EVP recordings)

Camptonville Cemetery

Is there anything more you can think of that might sound or be interesting to our followers and fans?

I really do love the way the team is into preserving historical sites. We try and get the public aware of the history of the places we have investigated and others we haven’t. Sad thing is history seems to be lost. I can tell you that when things are brought to light in a interesting way kids seemed to be more interested in history. History is around us and continues to happen but hard to get others to be interested in it.

Marysville Historical Cemetery

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