Friday, November 15, 2013

A.L.P.S. Loves History

By Jennifer Furgerson
Our team has an interest not just in ghosts, but in the history of places we visit. Since our team is based out of Marysville, we thought that we would share a small tid-bit of historical places we love.

The town of Marysville is full of history around every corner. Some who live in Marysville say this city is a living ghost town. Perhaps these people are correct in their thinking. Marysville is ripe with history, you just have to know where to look.

The Bok Kai Temple

The first temple was built in 1854, but believed that it was destroyed by a flood during the year of 1866. The current structures pictured above were built in the year 1880. It is the only Taoist temple in the United States with Bok Eye, the god of the north who controls water and floods, as the central deity. The temple is also unique because it has an active community of worshippers still using it as they would have over one hundred years ago.

The Silver Dollar Saloon

The Silver Dollar was built in 1851. It is known to be one of the oldest historical  landmarks in Marysville. In fact it ran a brothel up on the second floor till 1972. The Silver Dollar is still used today as a restaurant and bar.

The Packard Library

Built in 1905 through 1906, this three story library was sponsored by John Q. Packard and designed by San Francisco architect William Curlett. When the corner stone was laid, Packard put a copper box inside containing newspapers, personal cards, coins, and other items of history. This was the first public library west of the Mississppi. When it opened its doors for the fist time, this library welcomed about 1,500 guests. It remained in public use till the 1970's. Today the building is used for Marysville's Friday Night Live Chapter.

The Forbes House

Built in 1854 at a cost of $6,000. It was home to Brig. Gen. Edwin Alexander Forbes and his wife, Elizabeth Jane Yore. Eventually the house was made into a restaurant and bar. The house was used to cater weddings and other social events.

Hotel Marysville

Built in 1926-1927 by Rossi and Nelson for $400,000, the original hotel was located at First and C Streets and owned by George Engler, the son-in-law of Capt. John A. Sutter.  The property was deeded to the city and was the site of the original Rideout Hospital founded by Phebe Abbott Rideout. Today it stands empty and boarded up.

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We are a paranormal research group based out of Marysville, Ca. We are here to help our community & surrounding areas through paranormal research. We strive to help people who are either curious, or in distress due to unexplainable events in their homes or businesses. We use a "believing-skeptical" approach to prove or disprove paranormal activity. Our services are always free of charge! Aside from what we do at home, we are also hoping to help educate the paranormal community and the general community about common misconceptions about the paranormal, and easily explainable phenomena often mistaken for paranormal acitivity.

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