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Meet Jennifer Furgerson

By Jennifer Furgerson
Meet Investigator and Cleanser

Jennifer Furgerson

How long have you been interested in the Paranormal?

The Paranormal has had my interest from a young age. I think when I was about 10 years old was when I started looking into ghost stories, visiting cemeteries and questioning what happens after you die. I found myself asking questions and wanting to know more about historical places. The hard part was being sensitive to the paranormal at a young age. I did not have anyone I thought I could talk to, and when I brought it up to the school kids, I was teased cruelly. I ended up shutting my self off to anything I thought was paranormal. I thought is was easier, but I was wrong. It was not until my senior year of high school when my interest into the paranormal returned, but this time I kept it to my self. Today I am very interested in the paranormal. I think because of the teasing when I was younger has only made me stronger and more wanting to learn about the unknown and the history surrounding all of it.
Murphys Hotel, Murphys CA

Sick Bay on the USS Hornet
Have you had personal experiences? How many? Which is the most memorable? Why?

There have been several personal experiences, and I think I may have lost count. There are at least two that were memorable for me before I was even on a paranormal team. The first one happened in a place up near Big Trees, California in a hotel called Dorrington Hotel. I was visiting my grandmother, I think I was 11 or 12. She had to go get her mail which happen to be right next to the hotel lobby. At the time my grandmother knew the caretaker Bonnie. We went into the main part of the lobby and Bonnie was telling me the history of the hotel and the people that had owned it during the Gold Rush. About that time I had left the side of my grandmother and was looking up the stairs that led to the rooms. I heard my grandmother call my name, but before I turned I swear I saw a woman pass by the landing at the top of the stairs. I then returned to my grandmother and Bonnie. That was when I asked how many people were staying at the hotel. To my surprise Bonnie answers with 'none'. I did not say anything to either of them at that time cause I was not really sure what I had seen. That image has stuck with me ever since. The other experience happened about two years ago at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. My family and I took the tour, but I wanted to hang back a little since I had been there before. As the tour moved along we came to a wide area of where there was a toilet with a clear glass door to the left of me and some kind of door or cabinet to the right. I was standing there waiting for my husband to catch up when I felt this intense static feeling pace through me from left to right. It made me feel dizzy. Luckily my husband had walked up to my side and caught me as I had felt unbalanced. The rest of the trip I had the feeling of constantly feeling watched, but I did not say anything of what happened except to my husband and kids.

Winchester Mystery House 2012

What made you seek out a Paranormal Investigation team?

It was my husband that got me off my feet to go and talk to the paranormal teams that were represented on Marysville's D Street during Scarysville on Halloween. At the time I had already been a cleanser of people's homes and people. (cleanser: bringing in good energies, getting rid of  the bad) My husband thought what I was already doing for others might be something a paranormal team would want to have. I did not know how to do an investigation and I always wanted to learn. I could offer something, and learn in return. If it was not for my husband, I may have never talked or let alone join a team. He has been very supportive.
 Jennifer and her husband at the Washoe Club

How long have you been with ALPS?

Lets see, I have been with ALPS for almost a year and a half now.

Jen meeting Roy Wooley from SyFy Channel's Face Off  at the USS Hornet

How do you think an investigator should behave, and work?

Respectfully, honesty, maturity, integrity, professionally, the wanting to learn, the knowledge to teach, and above all an open mind.  I think that all of these will allow an investigator to be more open to constructive criticism and open to constructive complements.
 At the Mary Aaron Museum in Marysville

When not investigating, what do you do in the off time? Work? Other hobbies?

I do not currently have a job that I go out and earn a living. I am a stay at home mom and wife who has volunteered a lot in the Yuba/Sutter area. I have helped with Yuba City's Relay For Life for the past ten years, for five years I have helped out at my son's school and for five years I have helped out at the finish line of the Western States 100. My hobbies include Air Soft, Ren Faires, writing short stories, painting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, writing poetry, going to cemeteries, and making incense just to name a few.
If you could investigate anywhere in the world where would go?

I would love to go back to the Dorrington Hotel and revisit all the historical places surrounding it. It would be neat to investigate the Queen Mary, I have been wanting to visit that ship. There are many abandoned mills, and factories, I think, at the least, would be neat to see what they would have to say. The one place I would love to investigate would be the White House and all the historical buildings in Washington D.C. Out side of the US, I would greatly love to check out all the castles in Europe. I do not think there is a place I would not go.

The Dorrington Hotel

 The RMS Queen Mary

Of all the places you have investigated (historically) which one would you like to return and investigate further?

Lets see, since I have stayed there before being part of a paranormal team and have since been able to investigate part of it, I would like to go back and investigate further at the National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City, CA. This hotel has many stories, and I think a lot of them are untold.
The back of the National Exchange Hotel

 The National Exchange Hotel

When on a case, do you spiritual beliefs come into play? If so, does this effect how you handle the investigation?

Always. I am a pagan and I practice Wicca. I believe that it would be hard to not follow what I practice. I follow 'harm none, but do as you will'. For me when investigating, I really do not want to harm the 'ghostly world'. I feel that by taunting, and making ghosts or spirits mad, only harms the situation and now has somehow imposed my will onto the unknown. I find that every belief out there also believes in spiritual protection. When dealing with a client or historical place, I make it my first business to honor their beliefs, and understand where their beliefs are coming from whether they are Christian, Jewish, Pagan, or even Atheist.
Scarysville, Marysville 2013

What is the hardest thing you have found being a paranormal investigator?

The hardest thing for me is wondering if people are taking me seriously or the team seriously. I know that there are many people out there that would love to make a team look bad and prove them false. Somehow, I have implanted that integrity of doing my best and to do my best for the team into my head before going into any investigation, so that we show others just how professional we are. I know what it is like to be teased or not believed.
Murphys Hotel

undisclosed location

What are your long term goals being part of the ALPS team? Short term?

Long term: to be with the team helping others and perhaps have a place where we can conduct field studies.
Short term: to finally get over my fear. I have Nyctophobia (extreme fear of darkness). I am currently working on this with help from my team.
Jennifer in the dark

The National Exchange Hotel getting advice from Scott Wolf

What is it that you do for the team?

Besides being an investigator, I am a sensitive on the team. My gifts are more of  touching things and get feelings from them, from time to time I see (for lack of a better term) the spirits/ghosts, and I also hear from time to time the disembodied voices of the unknown world. I am also the teams cleanser. After an investigation, if a client would like their home to in a sense 'to calm down', I will try to make it so they feel once again comfortable in their own home. I do know how to banish, and I have only had to do it once. Those can be intense and are rarely needed. I also help the team ground themselves so that are (hopefully) spiritually protected. I also currently help get history of people and places.
The Washoe Club 

Is there anything more you can think of that might sound or be interesting to our followers and fans?

Jennifer on a sickbay bunk aboard the USS Hornet

For anyone interested in the paranormal world do not be afraid to go to your local library and look things up. If you  have questions, do not be afraid to ask. Get to know your own town/city history. When you travel learn one thing about a place that you did not know before.

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